Find a Pet Friendly Sofa That Brings Versatility to Your Living Space Without Sacrificing Your Style

Dog Laying On Gray Sofa

Once you bring pets into your life, it’s a constant internal struggle between whether you should have nice and stylish furniture or durable materials that can withstand stains, wear, and tear. The search for options that fit both needs can be overwhelming. Due to that, most pet owners just settle for what they know will last a long time instead of what is fashionable.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Many options are available in different materials and styles that can give you the beautiful pet-friendly sofa of your dreams! Continue reading below to find out what particular elements to look for in your search.

Consider the Frame

If you own a large breed of dog, you know that they can grow to a considerable size and weight. Therefore, if you plan on allowing your pet on furniture, you want to be sure that the frame can support their size and the constant jumping on and off that animals like to do.

When looking at the different furniture models, take the time to explore the ones made of durable hardwood. This particular material will reduce breakage, twisting, cracking, and warping. Having peace of mind that you won’t come home to your furniture being in pieces is the first step to securing pet-friendly and stylish furnishings.

Analyze the Color Needs

When picking the perfect color for your pet-friendly sofa or chair, you need to think about two separate points of view. For one, weigh the option of selecting a darker color that hides possible stains from muddy paws. Secondly, consider the color of your pet’s fur. If you have a light-colored pet, their shedding hair will probably show up all too well on dark-colored furniture.

While many furniture brands carry a variety of colors in stain-proof material, it is not always possible to combat shedding fur. Therefore, be sure to weigh the pros and cons as to which direction you want to take and pick fabrics that will reduce discolorations and blemishes.

Think Long-Term

When you purchase new furnishings, you want them to last for an extended period. Therefore, you want to choose materials that will stand the test of time. Additionally, you have to think about the behavioral tendencies of pets. With both dogs and cats, you can have chewing, stains, clawing, and tearing, among others. Taking those into consideration, you will want to think about incorporating the following materials into your furniture:

  • Microfiber – harder for pets to scratch, reduces shedding visibility
  • Leather – higher quality versions can withstand a great deal
  • Canvas – doesn’t tear easily, and covers are washable

With these fabrics and elements, you are more likely to have a fashionable piece of furniture that will still look good several years later.

In Summary

All hope is not lost when it comes to having both a stylish and pet-friendly sofa. Here at Stonesthrow Furniture, we have a large selection of couches, chairs, and lounges that will fit your needs (and your pet’s!). View our sofas and sectionals here, and visit us in our showroom to learn more. You can also give us a call at (616) 459-4167 or send us a message through our contact form to acquire more information.