How High Should You Hang Wall Art? – 3 Helpful Tips

Single Piece of Art Above White Sofa

Decorating your home is an activity that can give a room a new feel and bring a level of serenity and comfort that you may not have had previously. While finding wall hangings that compliment your furniture and paint is exciting, it can be a challenge knowing how high to hang the decor you find.

This blog outlines three of our most helpful tips for deciding how high to hang art. With these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to accessorizing your whole house!

1. Keep It Eye Level

A good rule of thumb when deciding the exact placement of your wall decor is to keep it at eye level. A standard measurement is 60 inches, or five feet, from the ground. Having your imagery at this height allows it to become a focal point within the room.

While this recommendation works for situations where the entire wall can be a slate, you will often have circumstances where an art piece will need to go above a sofa, console table or buffet.. In these instances, be sure that the decor sits at 4-6 inches above the furniture to allow separation between the two elements.

2. Focus on Proper Spacing

It’s vital when placing multiple forms of wall decor in any one area that you pay special attention to the spacing between each piece. Many homes will have two wall hangings side-by-side or will bring in a gallery wall with many photographs and accessories. Both of these looks are very popular but need to be done correctly.

When hanging a pair of pictures, there should only be 2-3 inches of space between the pieces. A gallery or collage is a bit harder. When you are creating a gallery wall you generally want a consistent distance between the frames, typically about 2 inches. A similar frame helps give a more cohesive look to a gallery or collage.

3. Treat Multiple Pieces As One

Suppose you incorporate one of the aforementioned gallery walls with several wall art pieces. It is best to treat the entire grouping as one piece instead of individual items. The overall look for the area in question has all elements working together. Therefore, it is prudent to see them all as one.

When you view your decor in this way, you can decide height and width with the full effect in mind. Keeping this in mind helps alleviate any frustration or anxiety as far as how high to hang your art, as it will all work together cohesively. Two recommendations for this layout are to either lay everything on the floor before hanging or cut paper to the size of each piece of art and tape them to the wall so you can see the overall effect.

Artwork over sofa

In Summary

Decorating your home should be fun! Having stress about the appropriate height levels decreases the joy that comes with the process. These tips will help you understand proper placement as you make your house a home.

Here at Stonesthrow, we can help you find the perfect wall art for your room with our interior design staff. If you are looking to change things up, stop in to check out our current or clearance wall art or feel free to contact us for interior design services.