Protection Plans


We are proud to offer our customers protection plans for their furniture purchases from the Guardsman Furniture Professionals – a Grand Rapids company that has been in the furniture care business for 100 years.

Plans are available to extend the manufacturer’s warranties and specifically to cover accidents – from the baby, a spilled glass of wine, a running-with-scissors incident and lots of other household mishaps including when Fido is a bad dog.

​Guardsman’s best-in-class technicians have seen it all…and fixed it all (with rare exception). Ask your designer or associate for more information about how a modest investment can extend the life of your new furniture purchase.

We recommend either the Fabric Plus Complete which protects your purchase from accidental incidents for 10 years and can be purchased as a sprayed-on application or no-spray warranty only. If pets are in the home, we recommend the Gold Complete Plus plan which adds protection against “beaks, teeth & claws” to Guardsman’s standard protection plan and runs for 5 years.


Protection Plans