How To Choose the Right Rug Size for Your Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table and Chairs on Rug

When introducing new decor into your dining room, it can be challenging to know what the correct rug size is for underneath your table. Instead of just eyeballing the different sizes and taking a stab in the dark about which would work best for your room, know that there are a few easy techniques that will help you determine the correct measurement for your dining room table.

Follow these three easy steps to get an accurate size guide for your new dining room addition!

Set Up the Table and Chairs

As the first step, set up your dining room table and the corresponding chairs in the display that is most common for your home. Do you typically have the leaf in and all chairs surrounding the table? If yes, take the time to place everything where you usually have it.

If you regularly reserve the leaf and extra chairs for special occasions and holidays, then do not incorporate them. In order to find the best rug size for your dining room, you want the table and settings to reflect their most common appearance.

Push Back Each Chair

Although this may look a bit comical, it has a purpose. Sit in each chair and naturally get out of the seat, pushing the chair back as you do. Do this same action with each of the chairs that are around the table.

In taking the time to do this, you will better understand how much space the rug needs to cover. Most dining room rugs cover the area underneath the table and chairs while the chairs are pulled out. You want to avoid the legs pushing off the rug, as that can lead to scratches and sliding chairs.

Measure the Perimeter

While the chairs are pulled out, take a measuring tape and gather the dimensions for the length and width outside of the chairs. The dining room rug will depend on the table but should always extend at least 24”-36” past the edge of the table. With dining room rugs, you ideally want the chairs to be able to sit evenly, even when pulled out.

Typical rug sizes for standard dining room table sizes include:

  • Six seat dining table – 8×10 rug
  • Eight seat dining table – 9×12 rug
  • Four seat circular dining table – 8 foot round rug

It is important to remember that in the case of rugs, bigger sizes are better. Having a rug that covers a larger space is better than having one that looks awkwardly small and doesn’t cover the desired area fully.

In Summary

It doesn’t have to be stressful to find the right rug size for your dining room needs. Following the three simple steps outlined above will give you accurate dimensions to fit your specific dining table. Looking for the best design and fit for your dining room? View our rugs! Also, be sure to visit us in our showroom to learn more, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (616) 459-4167 or send us a message through our contact form to acquire more information.