Small Recliners Perfectly Sized For Your Apartment


When living in an apartment, finding furniture that fits well in a small space can be challenging. Many pieces are too large and can appear overbearing in the limited space provided. However, at Stonesthrow Furniture, we have a wide variety of small recliners for apartments!

Check out our selection of popular small recliners below. They are an excellent fit for a variety of color schemes and design aesthetics!

The Q05 Reclining Chair and Ottoman

Quantum 5

As one of our most asked-for furniture pieces, the Q05 Reclining Chair and Ottoman is a sleek and narrow design that fits well in small spaces. With its neutral color palette, you can incorporate it into many different styles. Additionally, you can move the separate ottoman to accommodate the need for more space or provide extra comfort when relaxing with your feet up.

The Chance Recliner

Chance Recliner

As another one of our small space-saving recliners, the Chance Recliner has a classic look that can accommodate size restrictions in the smallest of apartments. Its ridged design gives it a unique look and brings a sophisticated approach to any room. The wooden frame provides excellent durability, and the seat cushion offers comfort and stain resistance.

The Prodigy II Recliner

Prodigy II Recliner

When looking for a small recliner chair, it can be challenging to find one that provides extra cushioning as well as a built-in ottoman. It’s tricky because recliners of that type are often built as larger models to provide extra comfort. However, the Prodigy II Recliner delivers all of the comfort and structure you need and then some. With the built-in ottoman and plush cushions, you will be in a relaxed state for days. The neutral fabric also pairs well with a variety of wall colors.

The Retro Recliner

Retro Recliner

With a similar structure to the Chance Recliner, the Retro Recliner has a timeless appeal that works as a statement piece for years to come. With the leather backing and wooden structure, it can hold up to stains and long-term use. Additionally, the padded headrest allows for optimal neck comfort while lounging and watching TV.

The Baltic II Recliner

Baltic II Recliner

The Baltic II Recliner delivers powerfully as another all-in-one option that accounts for small spaces but provides optimal comfort. With its beautiful cream-colored leather material and built-in ottoman, you can lean back and relax after a long day. As an extra bonus, the padded headrest will cradle your head and neck and provide additional support to your joints.

In Summary

Finding small recliners that fit best in an apartment with space restrictions can prove challenging. Here at Stonesthrow Furniture, we have a selection of recliners that will accommodate your apartment and provide a high level of comfort as well.

View our small recliners on our website, or visit us in our showroom to learn more about what furniture will work best for your space. You can also give us a call at (616) 459-4167 or send us a message through our contact form to acquire more information.